Friday, May 20, 2011

Farmhouse {part 2}

After a rough night we woke up early to a baby that decided he was unwilling to sleep another wink. E and I curled beside him in our bed with the iPad playing Sesame Street. We dozed a bit but all too soon James was ready to get up, have some breakfast and go exploring.

So E and I dragged our tired selves out of bed, I made myself a strong cup of coffee, fed and dressed the babe and off we went.

There is this road near the farmhouse that travels west. It is a dirt road and it is just beautiful. The flooded fields near the road house hundreds of beautiful birds. Red winged blackbirds, sandpipers, meadowlarks, and more.

It was early and still quite cool outside, but E and I drove with the windows down looking for the most beautiful birds. Soon we stopped, let the babe out of the car and walked down the dirt road to explore on foot.

James now will hug on command. The best part of E's day is when he gets home from work and James runs towards him to give him a big hug. Here he had a topple and needed a hug from dad. So so sweet.
The early morning light is so golden and fresh.

Since we were trying to kill a couple of hours and let E's family wake up in peace back at the farmhouse we decided to also drive to Spring City. Spring City is one of my favorite places in the entire world. The entire town is a historic district (only one of two towns in the entire US that has this designation), and it is only ten minutes away from the farmhouse.

When we arrived we stopped at the old church, let the boy run through the fields and showed him how to blow dandelions puffs for the first time. Plus he found a really ugly tree that he must visit.
He'd never noticed dandelion puffs before, so it was fun to show him what to do.
I think he was impressed.

Around 10:30 we got back to the farmhouse. We played, fed a boy lunch and put him down for a nap. Then everyone got right to work eating a delicious farmhouse breakfast hash. Homemade bread from the local super market, hash made with organic eggs and juice.

After everyone had slicked their plates clean, I asked "shall we go do dishes now or enjoy the sunshine?" Everyone in the group choose sunshine. I grabbed a quilt, my camera and the baby monitor, E started mowing the lawn and for the next two hours we enjoyed the art of nothingness. I rested in the sun. I went inside and changed from pants to shorts. I chatted with Connie and Chelsea. I listened to the honeybees low hum on the 100 year old pear tree.

It was perfect.

Then, just when I really started missing my little boy he started to wake up. A little sigh at first and then some happy baby talks bouncing through the monitor. I went and got him. Kissing him, telling him what a perfect nap he had.

Once back outside I asked E to recreate this photo, from last year's May trip to the farmhouse. This is what he got.

Glad we got some sun because it has been pouring (like really pouring) ever since.
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  1. An awesome series of posts! I am really missing the sunshine right about now!


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