Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Winter Garden

What a weekend... it was a three day weekend and it wasn't all smiles and rainbows. Not even close. James is getting his molars. All four. At once. What does this mean? Lots of crying, lack of naps, not eating much, a diaper rash so bad it hurts to just look at, and swollen ouchy gums. Yuck.

Also, we had a trip planned this weekend.

My Grandma gave my entire family a trip down to Bryce National Park for a winter weekend. The plan was to snowshoe, eat amazing food and enjoy the stunning Utah winter. That didn't happen. A huge storm moved into the state on Saturday. We had packed the winter clothes, packed the baby, packed the food, packed the travel crib and were two hours from home when we decided to just bag it. So Saturday was spent in the car without actually going anywhere. Not fun.

So finally yesterday we decided we needed to do something, since it was a long weekend after all. It was cold and windy outside but we decided we didn't care and took a trip up to the University Garden.

We all loved it.

We were the only ones there (nobody else was crazy enough to go out in the 30 degree weather) and the sky even decided to clear up, so we had some sunny moments. We listened to the birds singing, played in the snow, and let James lead the way.

This was the first outing that we didn't bring the stroller. Instead we let him walk wherever he wanted to go and E and I simply followed. My little baby is not so little any more.

Like the zoo a few weeks ago, we had the garden to ourselves.
This expression is brand new but James does it all time time. Like 200 times a day. Whenever he sees something he likes, his little mouth goes into an "o" and he says "oooohhhhh". Cutest thing ever.

My boy with gorgeous lashes.

Stairs are no obstacle. He climbs them easily, and once he's at the top he lets out a victory yell. He's so funny.

The sun even came out.

Last shot of the day. He didn't want to leave, so E finally had to pick him up and carry him to the car. I love that he looks slightly pissed here. :)


  1. First of all, I absolutely adore the outfit!!! Secondly the new expression is awesome! And I want to hear this victory yell that happens after he climbs the stairs!

  2. The victory yell is my favorite! Great shots babe.

  3. Connie2:35 PM

    My goodness! Was his daddy really ever that little and wearing the very same coat and hat? Enjoy this treasure--they grow up faster than you can even think!

  4. Oooh, E & J - watch out! With about 14 more years of practice, James will have that "glare over the shoulder because I'm right and you're wrong" look as second nature! ;-)


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