Friday, February 25, 2011

Vintage 2002

E and I have been together for 12 years this month. Amazing.

I found some CDs of photos my mom burned me years ago. I've been meaning to look at them for months. Today I finally sat down and went through them.

The oldest photos on these disks are from 2002. What I would do to get some photos from 1999, 2000, and 2001. Three years into our relationship, and I only have a handful of photos of the two of us.

Thank goodness I have some from '02. Here are my two faves:

I love this photo. Looks like we are on my family's annual trip to Southern Utah. E still wears that hat and sweatshirt hiking, and the gray sweatshirt I'm in is still a favorite in my closet. I was 21 years old in this photo and already sure that I wanted E to be my husband one day.
I adore this photo for lots and lots of reasons. Yes, it makes me laugh. I have always loved to bother E. I'm always trying to tickle him, snort on his neck (snorttles is the term for that, fyi), or be generally annoying, as you can see. But I also love this photo so much because the roses are in full bloom at our Deer Creek house, which is a home I miss so much.
There are very few things in life I regret, which of course I'm quite happy about. One of the few things I wish I did sooner is to start this blog. This blog was started in October of 2005, but if I had started it just months earlier I would have documented Africa. If I had started it just a couple of years earlier, I would have been able to document a time in my life (college years) I look back on so fondly. If any of you reading have thought about starting a blog, please do. Even if you never share it with anyone. I wish I had done so earlier.

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  1. Connie4:16 PM

    Not to have regrets is not to have lived. You have lived so much and have found such goodness and happiness, in spite of regrets. And who knows, some photos of those "lost" years may surface when you least expect them. But for me, I am so glad you have lived so many years as part of our family!


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