Thursday, February 24, 2011

15 months {slow down kid!} Photos with Wolfy

How did we get here so fast? 15 months? It seems like just yesterday that I was huge and pregnant and wanting this baby OUT.

James is adorable and damn smart, if I do say so myself. It must be his huge baby brain, his head circumference in the 80%. Just two nights ago, while James was in the bath James started standing things up on the tiny lip inside the bathtub. He grabs one of his Playmobil people and twists them around to make sure they are not only standing, but also facing forward. Then he ever so carefully places them on the half inch lip inside the bathtub. It is awesome.

He also knows so many dang words. He's not talking much, but I swear, he knows most of what I say to him. He easily knows upwards of 100 words.

He is mobile and fast. He crawls, walks, twists, dances, climbs (not onto anything super tall yet) and pretty much never falls. When he does fall, he catches himself and stands back up easily. No more head bonks and big cries, thank goodness.

He is getting his molars, which is not fun.

He is also moving from two naps a day to one nap a day. This works much better for him since he's been fighting his afternoon nap for ages. Now I'll keep him up until 11:30 or noon on most days and then he'll sleep two or so hours. This also makes bedtime a little smoother, but he's always been pretty damn fantastic at bedtime, which I'm grateful for.

His favorite activity these days is unloading everything. In the kitchen he'll unload all the drawers. Then he'll move the the bathroom and unload all the drawers in there, then he'll dump all his puzzles upside down. The house is always in a state of disaster because a 32" hurricane moved through. Puzzle pieces in the bathroom, my blow dryer in the middle of the kitchen and all of my tupperware lids in a pile in the bedroom.

One of the only things we are struggling with (other than molars) is eating. James has decided to become the most picky eater known to man. He now only eats/drinks cow's milk, ketchup and ranch dressing. Oh wait, and Easy Mac, which has absolutely no nutritional value. His doc wants him to gain weight faster, since he's slowed quite a bit. So she said I should be adding butter to all his meals and protein powder to his milk. Awesome. Let's hope he decides to start eating again (and doing less of this).

Now, without further ado, Wolfy!

In the last photo he is trying to flee.

And from month 1 until now:


  1. What an adorable 15 month old he is!!! I love hearing about all his new exploits, even the ones that drive his mama crazy ) like his ranch and ketchup love :) But hopefully he'll start eating other things soon

  2. Man he is growing so fast! What a charmer!!!

  3. Connie5:25 PM

    Don't forget, his Dada ate nothing but creamed corn for every fricking meal for 6 months, then "picky" (peanut butter) sandwiches for the 6 months after that! He still won't eat cereal with milk on it to this day! I'd say James comes by this pickiness quite naturally! It's a good thing he's so darn cute and kissable!

  4. I love that last photo. "Freeeeeedom!!!!" Was he leaving for more ketchup? My mother once found me eating mayonnaise directly from the jar.... it could be worse? ;-)

  5. He is so adorable! And we have a wolfy too! Though I never thought to take monthly photos. :(


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