Monday, February 14, 2011

Be Mine {12 years with my honey!}

My little family of three had such a lovely Valentines weekend. It has been so mild, we spent a good majority of the weekend outside enjoying the weather.

The only way to make a weekend with my two loves better is to add in a heavy dose of amazing food. And the weekend had just that.

Friday night after putting the baby to bed we made homemade pizza. We make homemade pizza a lot, but we decided to try our hand at a Greek pizza. It was amazing. Started with homemade dough, Greek white sauce, then mozzarella and feta cheese, lots of pine nuts (because you can never go wrong with lots of pine nuts), kalamata olives, tomatoes, garlic and even some lamb from the local gyro restaurant. After it was done cooking we topped with a squeeze of lemon juice. Amazing.
Saturday continued our weekend of awesome food with an early Valentine's gift. My sweet husband (also know as the weekend breakfast-making master) had shown interest in a crepe pan. Who doesn't love homemade crepes? I decided to get it for him, and gave it to him early enough to factor in two amazing weekend breakfasts.

Whiskey? On Saturday morning at 8:00 am? Yea, E decided that the "yummiest" crepe recipe called for some alcohol.

After a baby nap E and I packed up the babe and headed up to Park City. This has been our Valentines tradition for 12 years. I can not believe it has been that long. The first Valentines (in 1999) E and I went up with two other girlfriends. We ate lunch at Main Street Pizza and Noodle and the entire time we walked around Main Street E wanted to hold my hand. Me? Not so sure. I was actually pretty nervous about all things boy and didn't make it very easy for E.

In honor of the lack of hand-holding 12 years ago, we made sure to hold hands a lot this year. We also went to our favorite SLC pub and got lunch. I ordered fish tacos, E ordered a fish salad and a tall glass of the house-beer. James got a kid's pasta and cheese and devoured every last bite.

Near Main Street is the Washington School Inn. We went up there to check out the amazing old building. So beautiful.

Remember this photo from a year ago? We documented again, the place where we ate that fateful lunch 12 years ago.
I wanted to get a couple of photos of us. When I started snapping E's photo he was trying to get James to laugh. Hence the adorable pose.

And then last night E and I went out to dinner. We decided on Tiburon and it was divine from beginning to end. We started out with wine, mussels for an appetizer, salads, a palette cleanser, and elk for our main course. Seriously, it was unreal. Each course was more exquisite than the last. We talked about 2011 travel plans and our sweet baby boy.

I love you my Valentine.


  1. Connie4:07 PM

    Pine nuts? Ewww! And Ethan looks like he got hit in the groin! At least from my warped perspective! HAHAHA!

  2. The pine nuts were soooo yummy. It was a wonderful weekend and its been a wonderful 12 years! Happy Valentines my love!

  3. I love that you guys still keep the Park City tradition alive! Can't believe its been so long since you two have been "officially dating". The pic of Ethan totally makes me laugh! Happy V-Day

  4. Yummy!! I want the Greek pizza recipe, what is the Greek white sauce?

  5. We cheated and bought white sauce at the Greek restaurant (same type they put on gyros). There are plenty of recipes online on how to make this, but we felt lazy. :)

  6. Awww, so sweet! :-)

  7. Anonymous4:49 PM

    Go Utes!!! glad baby James still likes that hat. Pine nuts are super yummy too.

    Auntie Melissa


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