Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Day to day life {Black and White Wednesday}

Each Tuesday I pick up my camera in hopes of catching something really really spectacular to post for Black and White Wednesday. And what I catch is us, just doing what we do every day. Hanging in the living room in our jammies. Enjoying the sunshine.

And then I realized this is spectacular. Maybe not to some, but to me this is what its all about. Playing with my boy. Hearing his laughter. Raising him to be a wonderful caring man like his father. And seeing him grow and change every day.

I seem to take a lot of photos in the living room near the big south facing windows. The morning light is just that good.

I just had to post the one above in color too. Love his pretty eyes and the gorgeous sun.
Granny Con got us this top at Gardner Village a couple of weeks ago. We play with it a lot.
James is loving blowing wet raspberries these days. Lovely, right? Glad the sun caught the flying spit.
How lucky I was that my camera focused on the spit flying through the air here instead of my boy's face. Yum...
And late in the day, after we got home from the library, James really wanted my purse. I gave it to him and he dragged it all over the house. Ha! So cute.


  1. Not only does that little boy get his good looks from his parents; it looks like he's inheriting their wonderful fashion sense, too! :-D

  2. first, i love the shots in your header! :-)

    the photos you shared today are gorgeous! all of them - what a sweet little boy!

  3. That first shot is GORGEOUS! Love them all though! So sweet!

  4. All great- but that top is just so cool

  5. Each time I see a photo of James I think, "that child could not get any cuter!" And then...he does!

    Love your photos!

  6. You nailed it. The normal, every day moments ARE spectacular. They are more than spectacular : ) I love these pictures so much. I love the purse dragging and I LOVE the spit! Really beautiful days!~


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