Friday, January 21, 2011

Gardner Village

Today I met Connie and Chelsea (my Mother-in-law and Sister-in-law) at Gardner Village for lunch, shopping and enjoying the sunshine. Sounds perfect, right? It was. So glad that I have in-laws that I actually like hanging out with. And of course James adores is Granny and Auntie.

The restaurant at Gardner Village is especially fun because it is in an old 1800s flour mill converted into shop and restaurant. Today we sat inside the old silo and ate super yummy things, including the traditional fried avocado appetizer.

Then we walked around the shops which is quite fun because it is a collection of old pioneer buildings converted into quite a few neat stores (doll shop and candy store anyone?).

James had a grand old time walking in muddy gardens to visit the trees and along the brick pathways, all the while on the lookout for birds and airplanes. And it was so warm and spring like. I just need to remember it won't last.

Self portrait.
Is that a bird? A plane? He's so cute, even when he squints.

Candy shop yums. James went right for the good stuff and removed candy from the barrels as fast as he could.

And this one just kills me. Doesn't it look like he's posing for an eyelash ad or something?
One little boy with two of the ladies that love him.


  1. Awww, how sweet!! I love the eyelash ad and the last pictures the best.

  2. Nothing in the candy shop is as sweet as this boy!

  3. Those beautiful eyelashes! Nestor Carbonell, eat your heart out.

  4. What a sweet set of photos! I just love your blog...and the baby clothes! Wondering where you get all your fabulous rompers...My little guy is just 10 mos and I love this outfit and the wolf romper from the one year photos...where do you shop??


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