Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Waiting for Dada {Black and White Wednesday}

Last week I was struck down with a bad cold. What's worse than trying to get yourself healthy and having to take care of a toddler? Having the toddler sick? Yep. That's what we've got this week. He's miserable. I'm still yucky. I haven't picked up my camera much over the last week, last weekend was spent just trying to feel better.

Today is looking like it might be the worst of it. James is so sad and he doesn't understand why I keep wiping his poor little face (darn buggers).

However, I have hope that by this weekend we'll be back to our old selves (fingers crossed!)

So the only photo I took in a weeks time I snapped last night while James was looking out the window waiting for E to arrive home from work. I knew the moment he arrived because James started happily dancing and squealing. He loves is Dadada.


  1. LOVE IT! So sweet!


  2. awwww! What a cute memory for James!

  3. So cute. Makes me wish I had a better camera when my babies were that little so I could have captured those special moments in a different way.


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