Monday, January 03, 2011

Books {Great reads!}

I am a slacker with blogging what I've been reading. The last time I did a reading post was way back on May 27th. (OMG! James looks so dang cute in that blog post, I had to re-post the photo. Such a cute big pumpkin head!)

So, what have I been reading since last May? In all honesty, a lot. I'm going to forget a ton, but I'll try to update this list when and if I remember.

Angela's Ashes - I've heard about this book forever. I quite like memoirs and this one was great. The ending was a little odd in my opinion, but I do quite like books about poverty and struggles. Three and a half stars.

The Help - Again, I've heard great things about this book. And it delivered. I quite liked it! Such an interesting read about the black help in Mississippi during the civil rights movement. Four stars.

The Hunger Games - Have you seen this book everywhere? So had I. Looked interesting and everyone that had read it loved it. So I gave it a try and I adored it! Oh my gosh! Such a good book. Fast moving and thought provoking. I told E a bit about it and he read it too and loved it. Five stars.

Catching Fire
- This is the second in the trilogy of The Hunger Games. Another great read and I was so happy that the energy didn't peter out in the second book (as it often does). Four and a half stars.

- Final book in The Hunger Games trilogy. Loved it. Not as much as the first book, but I did really enjoy this read. So glad I piked up this trilogy. So interesting! Four and a half stars.

Harry Potter Film Wizardry - I got this book for Christmas and could not wait to read it. Oh my! It is jam packed with such awesomeness. Loved loved loved it. MUST for any Harry Potter fan. Five stars.

See? I can only remember six books and I know I've read more than that since May. Darn me for not updating this more often.

And isn't this picture just the best?


  1. Huzzah! I'm so glad that now we can talk about Hunger Games AND Harry Potter. Wizards and Rebels forever!

  2. I love it when you review books! I have added a few more to my reading list now, thanks!


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