Friday, January 14, 2011

Hanging out in the living room

I'm sure the increase in blog posts makes it apparent that I'm feeling better. But not well enough to cook dinner. No, instead I sit on my butt and blog while my husband works on smoking sausage outside (not sure why he decided the sausage must be smoked, since it is 22 degrees out...) but I digress.

Since I'm feeling better it means I've also been picking my camera up again. Today while the afternoon light slanted into our living room and James was playing puzzles, I grabbed my 50mm lens and got some shots of my boy.

This outfit? It is also from that old box, the one that Connie (E's mom) had saved all those years. This sweet vintage onsomble was E's when he was James's age. So so so dang cute if you ask me.

Puzzles have been one of James's favorite toys as of late. It seems like as soon as I put one back together he's happy to pull it apart again. And second photo? Juice break with a puzzle piece still in his hand, of course. I find pieces all over the house.

Two of James's silly faces. First one is one that he just figured out this week. He'll put his chin on his chest and look up at you very seriously. Second one, I was asking him where his mouth is, which of course included the tongue. Of course.

Drool balls rock, remember?


  1. That first picture is amazing. Killer eyes!

  2. Gotta love that 50mm lens! And i love the lighting in these. If he likes puzzles you shook look into some Melissa and Doug chunky puzzles. They are designed for kids under two and they are really easy for them to grab, play with, ad return to their rightful place. Ella loved them when she was his age. I always saw them at Ross in utah for like $6.99 or so. Anyway! Just FYI


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