Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Bath time {Black and White Wednesday}

James has graduated to the bathtub. After 12.5 months of bathing in the kitchen sink we switched him to the big boy tub around Christmas time.

He likes the sink better.

In the sink he can turn on the water and play with the faucet. Hence our problem. As soon as he was able to turn the faucet to hot we needed to switch him. Can't have a scalded baby on our hands.

In the bathtub once the faucet is off, it's off. Poor man! What's a boy suppose to do for twenty minutes just sitting there?! Don't you know that sitting is boring? We have struggled a bit with trying to keep in from pulling up to a stand, we want him to know bath time is for sitting.

So recently we got out the bubbles. It only buys us three or four more minutes, but he does think it is great fun.

And a few from this afternoon in the living room. Love this kid so damn much. Being a mama is life-changing.

the long road


  1. I am an enthusiastic fan of those overalls! (And not for nothing, that little fellow is spectacularly cute too.)

    Another JJ

  2. Have you tried the wind up bath toys that we used to have as kids? Can you even find them anymore? I remember the frogs that kicked their legs. They were fun!

  3. So cute- I always love those ones of them looking outside.


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