Saturday, January 01, 2011

New Years Eve and New Years Day

I actually don't like New Years very much. Why? Well it always marks the end of a fantastic week with my husband and family. It is dark and cold outside, and I'm not one for these dark cold days of winter. And I don't like to stay up late. :)

So this year on NYE, I was feeling a bit down in the dumps. I just really hate that this fun week with my husband (who's had the entire week off of work) is coming to an end.

So instead of going out to dinner we decided to stay in. We didn't see friends or family, and in all honesty it was perfect. James went to bed and E and I decided to make a special dinner of fondue. Gah, I love fondue.

After eating the entire pot of cheesy goodness we relaxed and called it a night at 9:30. Yes, I was in bed with the light out my 9:45, and it was wonderful.

Today was also filled with wonderful nothing-ness. We woke up late (whoo! 7:30!), played in the living room, brewed coffee and ate biscotti for breakfast. Later today we visited my grandma and headed to E's family's house for dinner. Nothing-ness rocks. And not cooking dinner doesn't hurt either.

It was a cold New Years Day. Only in the low teens. Beautiful too.
I love how the sunlight streams into our living room. Even though it was cold outside, we stayed warm in the sunny house.
Photo of my green-eyed man.
Books with Dada.
E is clearly getting sick of me taking his photo, as you can see. And my blue eyed boy.

What is that? Under the tree? Rumpus! Snuggled up upside down with his kitty fangs showing.

And the view on the drive to E's family's house. Glorious I tell you.


  1. Tell E (and James, for that fact) that they're just going to have to deal with the endless photos because we like seeing them! It's their own fault for being so strikingly handsome and photogenic. ;-) Really.... "life is hard when you're beautiful."

  2. We have a cat that looks just like your's but she's a bit whiter and she's named Snooki


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