Monday, January 17, 2011

January thaw

Every couple of years after weeks and weeks and weeks of freezing cold temperatures it warms up. Just like that. The thaw never lasts, it is only long enough to tempt us with its little spring-like-feel before dropping into sub-arctic weather again.

And right now we are having a thaw. It is downright balmy outside. Not super sunny, but quite warm (comparatively) at almost fifty degrees.

So today we went to the park. Not to sled or play in the snow but to walk the paths and pretend it was spring time. It was wonderful. James happily toddled along beside me until he saw a tree he wanted to visit and then he almost fell over in excitement making his way to their thick rough trunks.

I hope this thaw sticks around because park days with my boy makes me quite happy.

It seems like just yesterday that James was holding my hand wherever we went. Not anymore. Today he saw ducks off the bridge and pulled his hand away so he could have a better look.
He has missed his tree friends, but alas, they are reunited!

He is still all about airplanes and helicopters. Whenever we hear one he stops and looks for it until he's spotted it. Then he points excitedly.


  1. He looks adorable in that hat! We get the same weather pattern in Colorado. That thaw helps keep me sane. :)

  2. Anonymous4:44 AM

    Who is that cute little man in the first pic? That can NOT be baby James! He looks so BIG now. I love the hat. Tell him to slow down this growing up Just measured my kids. DD13 is 5'3DS10 is 5'2 and DS7 is 50.5" I'm only 5'4...they are going to pass me soon. Sorry for the tangent...enjoy your beautiful thaw with your sweet little man;o)

  3. Anonymous4:46 AM

    Didn't tell you who I am! Anonymous in the comment above is Bren from AGFMB. lol.

  4. Look at those eyes! This child should really be a model! He is just beyond handsome! And it's not just because I am his doting grandma!

  5. Umm..... can I have that baby? Like, for keeps?

  6. Hahahaaa! Renee, I read your comment earlier and I am STILL laughing! You are too darn funny.

    Rebecca, Bren, Connie, thank you very much for the nice comments. Love them!


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