Thursday, January 13, 2011

Summer Lovn'

I really really need some summer lovn' right about now. I CANNOT wait for summer (and spring!) to arrive. Being sick and cooped up in the cold dark house really doesn't suit me. In the summer James and I are outside all the time. We go to the park at least four times a week. We take morning walks every day, without fail. We visit his best friend the tree multiple times a day.

Now? Not so much. Since the daytime highs have been in the low 20s, we've not been out much at all.

Bright side? I'm feeling better today and it seems that my little 32 inch helper is too. We are both on the up-swing.

And this weekend? It will be down-right balmy at 35 degrees and sunny! I want to go snowshoeing in my bikini it will be so warm. ;)

Last night, after feeling sick for the entire day I decided to defrost a little taste of summer. Remember when we made tomato soup on the grill? It is one of our favorite recipes. We made enough to freeze some and last night we defrosted it. It was perfect perfect perfect.

And I went through some old albums today and grabbed a few of my favorite summer photos.

How I do love hiking with my boys.
Love those baby legs.
It is hard to remember that we had to go up to the mountains because it was soooo hot in the valley. Isn't it weird how we almost forget?
Eating watermelon on the porch on an especially hot August day.
Wading in the river at Murray Park. We LOVE Murray Park and spend many a summer days there.


  1. Which is why I don't complain when it's hot out because I know the flip-side, winter, is so much worse. And I certainly don't get the flu in the summer (and feel like I'm going to die!)I try not to get too angry over the cold, because I know how badly we need the water, but I sure do hate it!Come on Summer!!!

  2. LOVE the summer thoughts!


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