Monday, January 24, 2011

Trouble-making toddler {Wolfy photos: 14 months!}

"Trouble-making toddler?" you ask. How could this sweet wonderful perfect boy be even a tiny bit naughty? Oh yes, he's reached toddlerhood. "Prove it," you say.

Well to get these photos (which I adore, by the way) I had to wrangle my very mobile boy (who refused his morning nap today) onto the couch. This kid does not sit, remember? Yea, as soon as he was sitting next to Wolfy for his 14 month photo shoot he started to climb away. And fell. Off the couch.

Granted, I caught him and he thought it was a grand ol' game, but it was not fun. I even considered doing my first Wolfy photo shoot on the floor. But I prevailed. And won. How did I get such sweet smiles from a kid trying to fling his cranium onto the wood floor? Hold him down.

Notice my fingers at the very bottom of the shot above? Yep. Luckily he thought it was hilarious, and gave me quite a few big grins. Then we dawned on our coats and headed outside, because the thaw is still sticking around. I knew it was time to come in again when he had an all-out toddler tantrum (snot, tears, stomping feet, pushing me away) when I told him "NO" as he made a beeline towards the street.

Although this last month has had its struggles including non napping, some crying during the night, yet another cold, and still more teething (we are up to 8 teeth!), it has been full of fun too. James is more and more aware of his world around him and surprises me all the time with the amount he knows (I would guess he knows around 50 words including refrigerator, downstairs, outside, and his all-time favorite word: ceiling fan!).

He is getting more and more mobile as well, FINALLY learning to crawl about a month ago. He easily can walk on almost any surface including the uneven grass in our front yard. He has yet to be able to stand from a sit, but will happily crawl to the nearest item he can so he can pull up.

He laughs when we laugh, dances whenever he hears music, blows kisses, is super sweet and gentle with the kitties and squeals with delight whenever we are outside. And he sleeps through the night, and most days at nap time.

He is beyond wonderful and I love him more with each passing day.

Happy 14 months Baby Man! Now don't fall off the couch or go in the street.

Only way I got these were to push him back and then quickly snap a shot.

At least he thought it was funny.
Here are some of the mid action shots were he is trying to fling himself onto the floor.

And from month 1 until now:


  1. Very cute photos! Loves the ceiling fan huh? I wonder what kind of job he will get when he grows up! ;)

  2. Fun that you've done the sequential photos with Wolfy. :) Shows how he's grown up so fast!

    FYI it should be Trouble-making Toddler, 'cause right now it's reading that Trouble is actually making a toddler, which doesn't make any sense. :) (Just a love note from me the grammar geek.)

  3. Thanks Erin!

    And Allie, he is going to do what you do, architectural engineering. You'll have to be his mentor. :)


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