Thursday, January 27, 2011

Say what? {Possible blog title change...}

JJ's space. It's my space. I'm JJ. But there are so many cute blog titles out there. Oh Happy Day is one that I love. Enjoying the Small Things is another blog title I just adore.

JJ's space I came up with quickly on a whim when I started this blog. It has served me well for six years of blogging. I don't plan to change my blog at all, just the title. Thoughts? E loves the current title and is sad to see it go. Should I stick with what I've got?

Please help. I'm serious. Any great ideas? Stick with what I have? I've added a poll to the sidebar, please please please vote. If you like two titles, vote twice. Or if you have a better idea, I'd love to hear them.

Poll is right here, see? ------------->

And who wants a post without a photo? Thursday is my new favorite day of the work week. James and I go to Gymboree Play & Music for a class. It is so fun. There are about 15 other toddlers and Mamas there and I am just loving it. James adores climbing all over the foam slides, ramps and mats. I love talking with the other Mommies.


  1. And I love it that you come to grandma's house afterward!

  2. First time coming across your blog and I love your title just the way it is. It is such a gorgeous header. Stunning photographs.

  3. "JJ's Space" encompasses everything you now or ever want to blog about. Whereas "Oh Happy Day", "Enjoying the Small Things", and the others you put up for a vote surely are only part of what you blog about. There are many descriptive passages in your writing and also some sad ones when tragedy struck your family.

    So I'm with E, I like your "JJ's" Space" best

  4. Maybe something with J, E, and J's space? Since there's two thirds of your initials already, just add Ethan's! :)

  5. Funny. I started following you after I saw you comment somewhere and thought, "Oh! Look. Another JJ." (I clearly have very sophisticated criteria for following, but I've been enjoying your posts and great pictures.)

    I called my blog jjustkidding - with two JJ's because I'm JJ, kidding because I have kids and "just kidding" because I want to be funny. Oi. I HATE it. What was I thinking?! I've been thinking about a change too, this time to something less punny. I was thinking I might just buy the domain of my name and not name the blog at all so it would just be the blog at Super creative, I know.

    I wish I could help, but I'm befuddled myself. There's nothing wrong with JJ's Space and you have a great header, but I see what you mean about the catchy all-encompassing-ness of "Enjoying the Small Things." Good luck.


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