Friday, April 15, 2011

Enjoying the sunshine

Today it was sunny. I was happy and James was happy. Instead of going to the mall, the library, or Barnes and Noble (some of our standard snowy day activities) we went to Wheeler Farm and enjoyed the sun.

James was loving it. He was flashing me his biggest and best grins. And, I think his molars have finished popping through! He has another two teeth on the way in, but the molars are said to be the worst. I'm so glad we are finally done with that yuckyness!

We met a friend at Wheeler Farm. Her son is almost a year old, so not too much younger than my man. Trying to get a photo of two babies actually looking at you, much less smiling isn't that easy. This photo reminds me so much of this one from Wheeler Farm last fall.
James decided he's extremely fascinated with big huge tractor wheels.

Lovin' the sun.
I love all these smiles so much. And my favorite photo of the day? It looks so awesome in black and white, I decided to wait until Wednesday to post it. Can't wait to post it though, his eyes are out of this world.

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