Sunday, October 28, 2012

Halloween at Wheeler Farm

Last year the weekend before Halloween we headed to Wheeler Farm to enjoy the Halloween festivities. James had so much fun in the hay maze we decided to make it an annual thing. If you've been reading this blog for awhile, you know our family has quite a few holiday traditions, and Wheeler Farm at Halloween is one of them.

This year the weather was the same as last year's. Cool and wonderful, but not cold. Thank goodness not cold like earlier this week.

Once arriving we went right to the hay maze. James loved it as much this year as last, and kept hiding behind hay bales and jumping out to yell "surprise!"
He was in the happiest mood running at top speed through the zig-zaggy paths. So happy in fact, that I snapped my new favorite photo of him. His eyes? amazing. His sweet sprinkling of freckles, also visible.
Juliet also liked the maze, as you can see. ;)
Really what she liked was sitting on the ground sampling the hay. Silly girl.
We walked all over the farm enjoying the mild weather and fallen leaves.
And when I spotted the most beautiful light in the woods I set this little girl down hoping to get some smiles.
Her little jacket looks so much like Little Red Ridding Hood. Remember that Juliet had a Little Riding Hood themed baby shower? So this jacket was a must.
The overpriced ticket also included a tractor ride. Does James look just like his daddy? YES! Twins!
And the girls. She's becoming more and more my twin by the day. Which I love. People tell me all the time that she looks like me. I've NEVER heard that about James.
Last in the loop was picking out a pumpkin. James walked in the pumpkin patch and the first one he saw he picked up and brought to us. He means business.
Juliet took her time sampling the hay and picking out the perfect long stemmed pumpkin.
And last year I took one of my favorite photos of James in the hay maze too. Want to see them side-by-side? Yea, I thought so. :)

James, at almost two years old.
James at almost three. Time passes too too quickly. 

James's adorable raccoon sweater was a lovely gift from a friend. Thank you. We love it. 

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  1. Great photos! Lori just did family photos and talked about how hard it is to get a natural smile out of the kids... I guess that you can't tell them that you are taking photos. ;) (I told her that James gives you a funny smile... when it is requested, too.) Happy Halloween!


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