Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Spooktacular costumes

Planning your kids' halloween costumes is way more fun than planning your own. In August I started thinking about what I'd like James to be for his third Halloween (see first and second here) and came to a decision when he woke up one morning talking about the "snow moon."

In his dream we went to the snow moon in "Mommy's new car, and it took a really really long time."

E asked if James would like to see a video of astronauts on the moon and he could hardly wait.

We turned on some 1970s documentary that we found on YouTube and he sat there enthralled. Since that morning he's talked about astronauts "shooting into the sky!" and the "snow moon".

And to make his costume just a little more fun, we decided to take him to the planetarium moon last weekend for a quick photo shoot.

Captain James is ready for take off. The training to get him to this point has taken years. He can drive the space shuttle, fix problems once in transit, and he even knows how to count to 15, only missing 12 and 13 most the time. ;)
Five, four, three, two, one... BLAST OFF!
After nearly three days of flying they approach their final destination.
Captain James is the first to leave the safety of the shuttle. And no worries about his lack of helmet, there seems to be some new advances in the "breathing in space" technology.
One small step for James, one large step for all kids with a 7:30 bedtime.
Mission was a success!

And Juliet. Sweet little Juliet. What else could she be really, than a snuggle bunny? It is in her nature. It is so very her.

But I also had in mind to dress her in a kimono E got for her while in Japan on business. I was pregnant with her at the time and we had just discovered we were having a baby girl.

E came home with such a sweet wonderful kimono. I loved it and gently packed it away for our little girl to wear one day.
Upon digging it out earlier this year I noticed something I didn't take note of the first time seeing it.
So, my sweet little Japanese snuggle bunny says "こんにちは、あなたは抱っこしたいと思います" which I think means "hello, would you like to snuggle?"
And any Mama knows, it is very very hard to resist such an adorable snuggle bunny.

And just because I can never resist a little side-by-side, here is James, growing up.

Year 1 - Pirate
Year 2 - Train Engineer
Year 3 - Astronaut

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  1. Love the stories and costume planning! Such great photos and memories! I love that it was educational too! :) Happy Halloween!


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