Thursday, October 25, 2012

The weather's a-changing {my week in Instagram}

Mild autumn days change to cold and snowy this week. Here's how it went down, Instagram style.

1. Before it got cold James and I spent every morning out in the garden prepping it for winter. The day we dug out all the weeds from the veggie garden was his favorite.  2. I may or may not have lifted him into the huge tree next door for this photo. Yea, he was way over my head and loving it.

3. He's got a stick "high high in the sky!" 4. If I look at her like I'm confused she smiles. If I look more confused she laughs.

5. Weather turned cold and snowy so we decided to make muffins for breakfast. 6. James working hard on the snow and leaves, I stay dry in the garage playing on my phone. ;)

7. When it's freezing out, we've been playing in the basement playroom more. 8. Hello!

9. Indoor "winter" activities. One is the merry-go-round at the mall. 10. Running with his tongue out. Light is golden! (this was the day before the storm hit, it was warm and windy!)

11. Weather's a-changing. Last day walking without a coat? Let's hope not. 12. Joy...

13. Cold cold cold day at the park. Juliet tried the baby swings for the first time and loved them! 14. Throwing rocks with James, cold edition.

15. She is giving me her shy smile because I just got out of the shower and have a towel on my head. She's thinking "who is that naked lady with the crazy hat?!" 16. Making cupcakes for somebody's party!

17. His favorite activity before the snow started to fly. 18. Another day, another visit to Wheeler Farm.

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  1. Love your photos! Love the update! Have a great weekend!


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