Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Going-ons {Insta-style}

Here's what's been going on, according to my iPhone.

1. One day we decided to make a fort on the patio. We strung up Christmas lights and draped the tables with blankets. All five kids that we had over were entranced. 2. Garden tasting. Grass is still her favorite.

3. Enjoying the October sunshine. Daddy reading a bunny book to our bunny. 4. Neff's Canyon. Damn I love you.

5. Throwing rocks with James. If you are ever on Instagram check out the hashtag under the same name (#throwingrockswithJames) to see lots of these types of photos. 6. And then when things couldn't get more stunning she put her little hand on his shoulder. (This photo has gotten a lot of attention, my most "likes" ever and also picked up by UtahGrammers. So happy, because it is one of my favorites as well.)

7. I got my Halloween craft on. 8. October light is killing me with it's awesomeness. Wheeler Farm with Uncle Brandon.

9. Huge smiles because he was throwing leaves and one got in my mouth. 10. Cooled down enough for tights. Then we added gold shoes to make things extra fancy.

11. Cold day for a walk downtown. 12. This bunny is dressed for autumn.

13. Her favorite toy at the farmhouse. 14. Another day, another walk at Wheeler Farm.

15. Tree climbing. 16. #throwingrockswithJames for LIFE!

17. My digging obsessed boy thinks nothings better than doing yard work with me. "I really love this digging Mommy! I'm workin' really hard. I'm working really hard on this diggin!" 18. E has decided to start to bake. Fresh bread on Saturday morning? Yes please!

19. I put him high up into the tree next door for this photo. He was above my head and loving it. 20. Stick high over his head while I die over the amazingness of the colors.

21. If you look at her confused she smiles. If you look really confused she laughs. 22. Another morning, another day to work in the garden. I'm teaching him about leafs and stems and roots. And we are planting "daff-O-dills" for next spring.

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