Saturday, October 20, 2012

James's third birthday party

We decided to do things a little unconventional over here.

Due to the fact that weather in Utah is AMAZING through October and then gets quite cold and wet in November, I decided to celebrate James's third birthday party a month early, in hopes of having a backyard party.

Well October 19th came and the weather was PERFECTION! After quite a few days with rain and some cold days, I was thrilled when the weather was warm and wonderful.

James's birthday party this year was his first ever friends party. On his first birthday and his second we celebrated with family. This year, as a three year old, he wanted to play with kiddos for his party!

I decided to do a robot party with an backyard obstacle course and a cupcake decorating bar.

James has been so excited about cupcakes. He's talked about them for months and was so excited to dig in.
The robot theme was downplayed, but there were a few cute robots as a centerpiece.
The obstacle course was a couple of things to jump over, a pool noodle to climb under, a slide with a ball pit at the end, a crawling tunnel and a balance beam. I knew this would be a hit.
Weather? PERFECT!
As soon as friends starting arriving they flocked to the ball pit slide like moths to a flame.
As they'd hit the bottom balls would go flying everywhere!
Babies were hugged.
Birthday boys were excited.

And adorable.
Soon the digging obsessed boys realized the cleared plot of soil behind the garage.
Little did I realize that this spot would be just as awesome as the ball pit. Seriously, they all spent SO MUCH time digging.
However the ball pit never lost its appeal.
Other parts of the course were used as well, but not a single kid did it from beginning to end (no bribery would get James out of the digging zone).

Soon all the sliding and digging made for thirsty kids. Luckily we had "robot magic drinks" which is essentially Sprite with a drip of different colored food coloring hiding below the ice cubes. Kids were mesmerized as I filled cups and some turned blue, others turned orange and the birthday boy was thrilled to see his was purple.
Soon cupcakes were served and "Happy Birthday" sung.
He's a pro at blowing out his candles, just like last year.
The decorating bar? HUGE hit with three year olds. We let them loose on M&Ms and as many sprinkles (or sparklies as James calls them) as their cupcakes can hold.
Birthday boy was in heaven.
More sliding.
James has adorable friends.
The dirt? Also awesome.
Presents were passed out.
And this kiddo got spoiled. Also, Juliet's face? She is the best party guest! Happy as can be and totally calm around tons of very active three year olds.
What a day! Happy early birthday my love. I simply adore you.
And a little side by side to see how much this boy has grown. Oh my. Amazing.


  1. Great pictures! Thanks for letting us join in on the fun :)

  2. Looks like an awesome party! The slide going into the pool of balls is an awesome idea! Happy early birthday James!

  3. Happy Birthday James! Loved your ideas, theme, and games!

  4. Anonymous7:58 AM

    I've been following your blog since I came across it on "The Bump." I've loved to follow what James is doing as my son is 4 months younger, it gives me a good idea of what's coming next. Your son and my son are so much alike. They even look alike. I've shown my son pictures from your blog and he asks, "who am I with? Who's with me momma?" haha I've never commented on your blog before but I had to post today when I saw that your son and my son have the same exact halloween costume! It's too funny. They say that everyone has a twin and I really believe that James is my sons "twin." Very cute... keep on blogging. It's been very enjoyable!


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