Monday, October 15, 2012

Farmhouse in October

The farmhouse. In the years before we had children we were there all the time. E and I spent nearly every other summer weekend there, driving its back roads, exploring every corner of the county, and eating horrible greasy small town food. (Here are some of my favorite pre-kiddo farmhouse posts. One. Two. Three. And four.)

The horrible greasy food is still the same, but now we are lucky if we get down twice a summer and once we are there, we are hard pressed to load the kiddos back into the car to explore the forgotten highways.

But that will come. Once day they won't be babies and we will be back, there will be new corners to explore and towns to say hello to again.
Driving two kiddos two hours should be an easy task. But then we turn around and do the same two hour drive home in the same day. It's not easy. Ask any parent with an infant and a toddler.

But they did pretty well. James only threw his toys at Juliet twice and Juliet only screamed for 15 minutes on the return trip. See? Easy peasy.
As soon as we arrived on Sunday morning both James and Juliet were quite ready to get out of their car seats. James was intent on digging (he's going through a major digging phase) and Juliet was as happy as a clam to sit in the sunshine and enjoy the country air.
The farmhouse is magical this time of year. I am so glad my children have it, and my cabin to grow up loving.
Soon the greasy food was calling and the weather was too nice to stay put. We decided to walk up to Main Street for an ice cream treat.
Love this old '50s era neon sign. The Dairy Freez, "A great place to eat".
We ordered an Oreo shake to split and then found a shady spot near the river to enjoy. And boy oh boy was it divine. Like extra yummy for some reason. :)
Back at the farmhouse E's parents joined us. Grandpa and James got right to work mowing the lawn.
And Damma had the busy job of snuggling this little bunny.
The old fashioned tin gas can has been around for quite some time. I love it.
We took another walk where we snapped the photo from the post below. James got hurt (his elbow popped out of alignment) but after quite a few tears and getting back to the farmhouse, I popped it back into place. (Really really glad I remembered how to do it.) After it was fixed, he was good as new.
So good in fact, he could wrestle Daddy on the lawn. To hear him crying huge sobs, and crying so hard we couldn't ask him what was wrong, well nothing's worse. But having it instantly get fixed and the pain gone, yea, we were pretty happy.
As the sun dipped low in the sky Juliet wanted to practice standing up. Lucky for me, she also loves to smile when standing.
It was a very good visit.

Outfit details:
Sweater and jeans - H&M
Keen shoes - eBay

Dress - Gymboree (it was a gift! Amazing right?!)
Hair bow - homemade
Onesie - hand-me-down
Tights - Walmart
Gold shoes - Old Navy

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  1. Great photos! You have so many picture perfect family photos! Keep up the great shooting. :)


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