Monday, April 23, 2007

A sunny spring Saturday to remember

On Saturday at the farmhouse E and I finally had a chance to enjoy some warm spring weather. The forecast threatened rain, wind, and a lot of cold weather, however the morning was clear and warm. After working out a pluming problem inside, we headed outdoors to chop wood and break up coal for Old Betsy, the old stove at the farmhouse that is really an antique in of itself. I wanted to enjoy the sunshine so I followed E outside with a couple of dolls, books, and a blanket. I spread the blanket on the lawn, laid down and let the sunshine do the rest.

As soon as E was done with chopping wood and breaking up coal he joined me on the blanket. We both closed our eyes and listened to the birds. There was a beautiful songbird I could hear somewhere off west. The breeze was light and cool and the sun was just right, warm, but not hot. We laid there for awhile, and I mentioned to E that these are the days you live for, enjoying the sunshine, listening to the birds, closing your eyes under the deep blue sky without a care in the world. We also heard the distinct call of a red tailed hawk.

All too soon the sky was getting cloudy and the wind was picking up, and the storm that was promised was on its way. E and I headed inside, thankful to have had such a pleasant hour in the sunshine.

Here is a photo I took while laying on the blanket at the farmhouse:

On another note, I dreamt of my Grandpa last night. My family was gathered for a family party and my Grandpa showed up, looking happy and healthy in a turquoise blue polo. We all hugged and kissed him, and told him how much we miss him, and how much we all love him. Then he was gone. What we said in the dream was true; we do love him and miss him, and always will.

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