Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Some of my favorite photos:

As some of you can tell, I've been in a photography mood lately, so the other day I went through our hundreds of photos and found a few of my favorite spring and summer pictures. I took some of these, but of the photos, most are E's. He's talented, huh?

Also, notice on the right, I updated some of my favorite links, the two blogs I linked to were never updated, therefore they were cut. I added a link to my favorite online site, American Girl Fans Message Board. To read the board you have to be a member, and you have to be insane enough to want to talk about American Girl dolls morning, noon and night! I also added three blogs I have recently found. Molly Chicken and Beetle Grass are fun crafty blogs, and both inspire me to take better photos, cherish things I make, and enjoy junk!

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