Thursday, October 04, 2012

September into October in Instagram

My week, according to Instagram.

1. Since the weather has cooled down we are back to our daily walks. One of our favorite spots is this chestnut tree around the corner. James gathers the shinny nuts and places them carefully in his pockets. 2. Chestnut tree, baby girl version.

3. One day we noticed there was a backhoe parked in the church parking lot up the street. AWESOME for a digger obsessed kiddo. And the light flare that looks like scooping swishes? Total happy accident! 4. Yea, he was pretty happy.

5. Giraffe heads are delicious! 6. "Mommy, watch this new game Daddy and I play!"

7. Two boys digging. They spent two hours at it. 8. Another shot from our glorious trip to the cabin. One of my favorites.

9. Uncle Brandon throws "really really big rocks and makes a HUGE splash!" 10. I love her little round face and rosy cheeks.

11. I only planted one jalapeƱo pepper plant and have so many jalapeƱos that I'll be eating salsa for a year. 12. James was enthralled with all the chestnuts and acorns we'd collect on our walk. Each day when we'd get home he'd empty his pockets into this orange bowl "for the squirrels to eat."

13. And then we decided to place the acorns along the back fence to see if the resident squirrel would come and take them. The squirrel went crazy for all the acorns but left all the chestnuts. We asked James what we should name the squirrel and he said "Me-me". 14. Enjoying the leaves at one of our favorite spots, Temple Quarry Trail.

15. Throwing rocks with this guy in a dry riverbed. 16. Asked him to show me a pretty smile and this is what I got.

17. Found a new secret location in our neighborhood. Has a pond, fish and even a turtle! Juliet and James loved the little rivers the most. 18. We went to "Family Fun Night" at my Grandma's assisted living home. We ate dinner and watched a magic show. James was fantastic, sitting with Nana all through dinner (and telling her all about Me-me) and laughing so hard at the magic show. I don't think he got any of the jokes or tricks, but laughed so much when the other children laughed.

19. Waking this boy up every day is hard. I still wake him daily from his nap, so he can go to bed at a reasonable hour. 20. Great Gray owl (who only has one eye) is my very favorite at the Aviary.

21. Last of our summer clothes. It's been warm and beautiful and we've been enjoying wearing our summer clothes one last time before the chilly weather moves in this weekend. 22. One thing I'll miss when her legs are covered up with leggings and tights are these amazing thighs.

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  1. Connie10:46 PM

    Glad to see all of you. Squirrels don't eat horse chestnuts because they are poisonous! That's why we don't eat them either.


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