Sunday, September 30, 2012

These are the most glorious days of my life

On Saturday my Dad and his girlfriend invited us up to the cabin for the day. I was thrilled because although I see my family quite often, I haven't hung out with my Dad for an extended period of time in over a year. Yes, we see each other for a quick visit after work or at lunch, but an entire day with him (and he with my kiddos?), unheard of!

And the weather was predicted to be perfect. I knew the aspens would be golden, I was so excited Friday I talked of nothing else.

We went up right after Juliet woke from her morning nap, deciding to skip James's nap altogether. Upon arriving we set up lunch on the deck and devoured our PB&Js and chips.
Then this little man could not wait to explore. The cabin is perfect for that. Over five acers that are privately owned by my family alone, and so quiet and peaceful. James, for the first time in his life, was allowed to explore alone a little (always in eyesight).
We decided first to head down to the meadow. "Our meadow" that, although does not belong to my family, is so private and wonderful. A big expanse of grass is circled by a perfect ring of aspens. The meadow is private, and oh so wonderful.
James has a new thing with his tongue, you'll see it a lot in this post.
Grandpa Craig (my Dad) was so excited to spend some time with James exploring all the places we've loved for years.
Across the meadow they go.
Juliet did not want to be held, she wiggled to get down and explore a little on her own. This photo reminds me a lot of this one of James in the meadow at the same age.
Family photo, of course James had to have his big rock.
Soon my two brothers joined us. Both my brothers adore James and quickly taught him how to run through the cement pipe that's been in the meadow for as long as I can remember.
The light, the leaves, the forest was gold.
Soon we packed up the baby girl in the baby backpack and hiked up to "our lake" (another secret area that seemingly belongs only to us).
This kid is a killer hiker.
I kept getting so excited about the leaves I'd look around and make this face. James thought it was so funny that whenever he'd see pretty leaves he'd imitate. Smart kid.

Juliet loves the baby backpack as much as James used to.
Up up up we go. Rocks? No problem. Big inclines? No worries. Far hike for little legs? He did the entire thing.
And he was always on the lookout for the best leaves.
Seriously, the forest was so beautiful it almost didn't seem real.
As soon as I saw the perfect backdrop of yellow leaves I quickly got the baby girl out of the pack and set her on the trail for some photos. I was serious, my autumn header was at stake.
Such a goofy adorable girl. She is wearing James's overall hand-me-downs that James wore at almost a year. Juliet is not even 8 months and it was a tight fit. (One of my favorite photos of James, ever, was taken when he was wearing these overalls).
Yea, it was pretty splendid. (And yes, I got my haircut. Ten inches gone!)
When we arrived at our lake we threw really really big rocks and made really really big splashes. My dad, who's never thrown rocks with James threw the biggest of them all. We were all soaked and laughing so hard.
One thing I love about Aspen leaves? Their little red stems. They are so perfect.
Back at the cabin we cozied up near the fire and my Dad made dinner. James loved watching his uncles  build the fire and laugh at all their antics.
Tongue again? And Juliet was so cozy on the chair, she happily sat there the entire time.
At dinner she decided to try cornbread for the first time. It was a hit.
We had an amazing time. As I'm sure you can tell, if you are still reading. Good for you, that was a lot of photos!
And my new phone has panorama mode, so I did a quick panorama of "our meadow". Pretty damn divine. Click on the image to see it bigger. 
And did you notice the new header? If your reading in a Reader app, check it out here


  1. Excellent post! It was such a fun day!

  2. Anonymous11:35 PM

    Love the new header!! I am so happy we have such a magical place to go visit. You look so pretty!

    Auntie Melissa

  3. Wonderful photos! Magical memories. ;)

  4. Great day. Thanks for making it so magical. Love, Dad


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