Thursday, September 06, 2012

Going-ons {Instagram style}

Here is the last week, Instagram style.

1. The only thing James requested over the long holiday weekend was the zoo. We granted his wish and he even got to ride the tiger on the merry-go-round.  2. I had to give up eggs completely with my gallbladder. Now that the gallbladder is gone, I can eat eggs again. This frittata? Unreal!

3. Lovely girl in a dress that was mine when I was a babe. 4. James: "Roar!" Juliet: "What the heck is that weirdo doing?!" Each time I look at this photo and Juliet's face, I chuckle. So funny.

5. Somebody finally had enough hair to hold her first ever hair clip (today!).  6. After we scored the awesome Fisher Price barn and farmhouse last week I remembered how awesome the parking garage was from when I was a kid. Luckily E's mom still had E's and knew right where it was. James is IN LOVE with this toy!

7. Date night without kiddos (second since Juliet's birth!). Looking East and looking West. Awesome rainstorm, rainbow and sunset.  8. My sweet girl.

9. Tibetan flags at the zoo. Love them. 10. A family self portrait at the zoo. Later James saw this photo and said "what's wrong with James's face?"

11. James is taken with Thomas and Friends (what toddler isn't?) and his favorite train is the red James train. He says "James is sad. I will snuggle him." 12. She's a fierce kisser. Look at those eyes!

13. One week post surgery I took both kiddos to the park alone. Go me! 14. Playing "who's that big girl in the mirror?"

15. I spy a tooth, or two. 16. Popsicles after naps are our new favorite tradition.

17. Grass is delicious.  18. Oh dear lord... this is heaven. Sushi night without the kiddos? YES PLEASE.

19. I re-conected with an old friend on Instagram (had no idea she was there but recognized her cute little girl). We had a playdate at the park. James was on his best behavior. Follow her @abjane17.  20. JUMP! Practicing learning our numbers with a simple hopscotch.

And, I've been meaning to upload more videos lately. My camera takes beautiful videos, but they are so good, the often surpass online storage requirements. So, in the meantime, here are two from my cell phone, one of each kiddo.

James, dancing, singing, and pretending to be Buzz Lightyear.

And my sweet girl, doing nothing really other than being sweet.

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