Friday, September 14, 2012

September perfection {in Instagram}

My week, IG style.

1. September, you have my heart. 2. Throwing yellow leaves in the river and watching them float down like boats.

3. Started to feel crafty and decided to make a world travel shirt for James's winter wardrobe. The back is a list of some of the cities E and I have traveled too and love. 4. On the front is a world map with a heart on those same cities.

5. Started POURING one day so we popped open the back of the car, pulled quilts into the car and had a rain fort. Juliet was impressed, James was a little scared by the really loud thunder. 6. The sky put on a great show after the storm.

7. September sun. 8. Juliet is always happy to join James and I at the park.

9. Both of them looking at me and smiling? "Row row row your boat" does wonders! 10. Japanese leggings. LOVE.

11. I spy two teeth. 12. Juliet noticed the dust floating through the air the other morning and was in a trance.

13. This big girl rode the slide the first time last week (while I held her). 14. Rainy day at the park. River is low and quiet but there are plenty of rocks to throw.

15. It doesn't matter where I place her on the blanket, she seems to always be able to reach the grass and promptly puts it in her mouth. 16. Happy bunny playing in her crib.

17. I'm on bath duty when E is out of town. 18. Seven months James, seven months Juliet. Oh my heart...

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