Wednesday, September 19, 2012

James says {almost 34 months old}

James has been talking up a storm lately. I feel like he's made a new developmental leap with his language, he'll remember something we'd said once days before and use it correctly in the right context days later. He keeps us laughing too, that's for sure.
So here are a few of the funny and sweet things he's been saying and a few photos from the other night when James and Juliet were playing with Daddy on the lawn. Adorable if I do say so.
  • "I the kitties in my house! Mabel and Rumpus." 
  • Nectarines are called "factories", doesn't matter how many times we tell him how to say "nec-tar-ine" he still hears "factories". :)
  • James: "Tummy full over here and here" (touching his tummy) Me: "What about near belly button?" James: "Not full there!" And then he proceeds to eats more.
  • "I love lovie so much! I like to snuggle him. He's a good friend. Yes, he's a good friend."
  • Unprompted: "I love mommy so much. I love dada! I love YOU!"
  • "I like grandpa Craig, I like to snuggle him. I like to snuggle the whole family."
  • "Dry season and rainy season in the rain forest! I know these things." Hahaha!! He heard this on Go Diego Go but I thought it was so funny that he added "I know these things!"
  • Woke up on the wrong side of the bed and said "I woke up a little cranky" 
  • When hiking Daddy told him to slow down and enjoy the scenery (he's been known to run the entire hike), he said "I'm working out!" 
  • "Daddy's coming home. I want to hug him!"
  • Me: "Are you still cranky like cranky the crane?" (a silly character in Thomas the Train). James: "Yes." Me: "I want you to be happy like Thomas." James: "No please." 
  • "There's my kitty! He's my best friend."
  •  "I need daddy! I'm missin' him I love you so much." 
  • Last morning is how he says yesterday or anything that happened earlier. He tells me all the time stuff like "last morning I had a tumble right here" or "last morning I didn't eat breakfast and was feeling sad."
  • While leaning backwards on a chair he said "look over here Mommy! What is it? It's a delicious tummy! Come and get it!" meaning he wanted me to come kiss his tummy.
  • James: "I'm ready for a nap." Me: "Can you eat more lunch?" James: "Plllleeease?!" Me: "Can you have two more bites?" James: "Pllleeeasssse? I'm ready for a nap!" He really loves nap time and asks for one every day and if I tell him it's not time, he'll pull out the long "plllleeeasssseee..." that I always cave to. 
  • While running around Juliet "running around the snuggle bunny! Running around the snuggle bunny!"
  • "I'm so stinkn' cute. I'm a smarty pants!"
  • "I'm givin' lovie snugs. I'm making more snugs to lovie!"
  •  "It was nighttime last morning!"
  •  "That's bees! I don't trust them!" when seeing some honeybees on the tv.
  • When Juliet would drop her toy he told Daddy "she cracks me up!"

And one of Juliet and Daddy, because these two... I can't even...
And James playing with "the snuggle bunny".

Rolled away. "That cracks me up."


  1. Love that he calls Nectarines factories! Logan used to call strawberries "froggers" he just stopped calling them that but I now catch myself asking Logan if he wants "froggers" I love the silly things kid say.

  2. Great photos and stories! :) Thanks for sharing! iphones arrive tomorrow!!! I might have to face time you. ;)


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