Monday, September 10, 2012

Annual hot dog roast

Each year, almost always in September, my Grandma gets the itch for an evening in the mountains with the family to roast hotdogs.

Last year James was talking. I remember distinctly that he said the word "river" for the first time at last year's hotdog roast.

How things have changed. This year he was taking a mile a minute, begging aunts and uncles and anyone that would listen to take him "to the huge waterfall" so he could "throw really really big rocks and make a huge splash!"

Luckily he is surrounded by aunts and uncles (and great aunts and uncles) that simply adore him so he went to visit the waterfall quite a few times.

He also roasted his first hotdog in the fire, ate a fantastic dinner, threw hundreds of rocks, played hide and seek with his Uncle Brandon, and pretty much had the best time ever.

E, Juliet and I also had a splendid time. Juliet was doted on by her Great Grandmother Nana, E and I got to catch up with my cousin Taylor who is only in town for a month this entire summer, and my Mom wrangled the entire family into getting a group photograph, something we haven't taken for far to long.

My grandma had her walker, but that didn't stop her from making it down to the river to throw rocks with James.

James's safari shirt, love at first sight, especially since his own parents got engaged on an African safari!

Roasting hotdogs with this guy.
This girl didn't get hot dogs but enjoyed her sweet potato quite a bit.
Juliet with Nana.
The entire crew. We missed you Kendra!
Everyone had such fun we might try for another dinner in the canyons once the leaves start to change.


  1. How fun and I love your hair up like that! Hopefully we'll be able to play soon. I just need to get through this week of staying home, trying to get him to pee :)

  2. Love love love these photos! You and Juliet look so cute together. It sounds like a wonderful hot dog roast!

  3. Missed you all too. It looks like a really fun time!

  4. Anonymous10:26 AM

    love the fam pic!
    your best bro


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