Tuesday, September 04, 2012

September is divine {daily walk with the kiddos}

A few of my favorite blog posts are this one, this one and this one, where I grabbed my camera before walking up the street and captured the beauty of the changing seasons. I always walk by my favorite house in my neighborhood where the gardens are the most spectacular.

Since the weather has been so fabulous and the blackberries from our neighbor's are still in season, today I decided to grab my camera and document the regular. The simple. The every day.

These orange berries up the street have been hanging heavy off this tree all summer. I always admire them and think "when I do an autumn blog post, I'll take a photo of those" and today was their lucky day.
James thought the heavy clumps were so petty too. "Pick them for me?" he kept asking.
Up the street and down a secret winding road you find this house. I lived in my home for 6 months before I even knew about its existence. It is a hidden gem. A secret I feel privy too. It is my favorite place to walk. (A few more photos of this amazing home in this post and the links above!)

Not only is this home unreal but I've become quite friendly with the man that lives there. So much so that he invites me into his garden, remembers to set aside gifts for James and even dotes on Juliet.
One of the things we've been watching all month is this enormous pumpkin. You can't tell from the photo, but it weights easily 80 pounds and is gigantic.
And as soon as James saw our neighbor was out, and asked permission, he high-tailed it over to the blackberry bushes. This time I was smart though, I took off his shirt before he started picking. Last time, I was not to lucky...
Into the mouth as quickly as he can pick them.

These berries are huge and oh so tart! (Doesn't this photo remind you so much of this one I took in almost the same spot?!)
All too soon he was covered in blackberry juice (the type of juice that stains no matter what you throw at it) and I congratulated myself again for taking his shirt off.
More picking. There was a lot to be had.
This little brown eyed girl busied herself with eating grass...
Once his belly could hold no more berries he moved onto the apple trees.
He could easily pass as a farm boy, don't you think?

And this little one was as happy as a clam to be out enjoying the fantastic weather. (Her shirt? Do you remember it!? It was one of my favorite purchases from our Canada trip three summers ago).
If you clicked on all the links in this blog post (all 6 of them!) than you win gold star! ;)

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  1. Love this post! What a great photo of James reaching for the tree! :) Happy fall!


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