Thursday, September 13, 2012

Reading stories together

In the last month or so something has happened. It is magic to watch, and it is just beginning.

James and Juliet are playing together.

Today, James pulled a book out of a stack of books in Juliet's room. He sat down next to her and for the next few minutes they were both enthralled.

It was a glimpse into the future. These two are going to be building forts, planning Playmobil cities, and having water fights. One day they will be the best of friends (and worst of enemies).

Today, as they both looked at the pages of a book James has loved forever, I knew again, that this life of mine is sweet.
"Look at this Juliet! An owl. Look right here!" as he points.
Sidenote: Juliet wore tights for the first time today. Oh my she looked so so cute. And her little bunny shoes, remember them? While the rest of her has grown (quite big!) her little feet are still just that, little! She is wearing twelve month clothes and 0-3 month shoes. So funny. My mom said I had the same tiny feet when I was a babe.

Outfit details:
Dress - Vintage. It was mine. My great grandma Hilda made it for me, so made by Juliet's great great grandma!
Sweater - Janie and Jack
Tights - Walmart
Headband - homemade
Shoes - Old Navy

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  1. Love love love the photo of James and Juliet reading. :) So precious. Have a great weekend!


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