Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Today I am 31

Today has been fantastic and it's not even over yet. I woke up to the most brilliant sunny day, warm skies and green grass paired with every blooming spring flower and that incredible golden light. It was like the world was celebrating with me.
James suggested Murray Park as a morning activity, and I couldn't agree more. He's become quite fond of throwing rocks in the river and my oh my did it make me happy today.
Lunch was a delicious feast E delivered at lunch time along with fresh tulips. The weather was so splendid we ate on the patio. Gifts and drinks and dessert soon followed. Gah, I'm spoiled.
And I got to spend the entire day with this love bug who has just started to smile. Oh my does she make me happy. Also, good news, really really good news: whatever she was suffering with at week 6 when I thought she had colic has passed. She's back to her happy wonderful self and hardly ever cries. Yippee!
And girl clothes? Oh my word. They are killing me. I can not get over how cute everything is. Juliet's outfit today? A lovely gift from a dear friend.

Outfit details - 
"Hi!" onesie - BabyGap
Undershirt - Carters. 
Coral striped leggings - Old Navy
Socks - BabyGap
Bunny shoes - Old Navy
Headband - Etsy
Blanket - Vintage (it was my mom's!)

And a video from the park. Pretty darn awesome, as James would say.


  1. Jess Red9:05 PM

    Are you kidding me? those pink bunny shoes? I'm fairly certain I've never seen anything as adorable to put on a little girl as those. OMG! She is the cutest!! She has filled out and looks happy and healthy from all that mommy milk. What a beautiful birthday. I love you friend and wish you the best 31 has to offer. It sure is starting out great.

  2. Anonymous8:45 PM

    Jessica, beautiful photos & wonderful video. I also loved your commentary.

    Love, Dad

  3. Happy Birthday! Juliet is adorable. It's great to see pictures of her awake and smiling! By the way, the other day at open gym, Lisa asked, "When is James coming?" She misses him!

  4. I was behind reading your blog, happy I finally caught up!

    Juliet's bunny shoes are to die for! Do they come in my size? hehe

    I can't get over the similarity between her and James when he was little!

    Glad you guys had a happy easter!



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