Saturday, April 07, 2012

Daffodils in the garden

Possibly my favorite day every April is when my family dresses in yellow and we take photos with the daffodils at Red Butte Garden. It is so awesome to see my family grow and evolve with something as simple as taking the same photo year after year.

This year the air was cool and snow dusted the hills and gardens. We found a new spot that we liked more than the bench, and Juliet joined us for her first daffodil photo with our family.
314,000 daffodils are in bloom each year (according to the sign) and it is such a beautiful sight to see.
I was so happy to see we caught a smile from James. It's a little tricky when we ask him to look at a stationary tripod, but the rocks he found brought the smiles.
And looking back at old photos is so fun. Last year (2011) James was happy and active and I had yet to become pregnant.
The year before (2010) James was just a tiny little babe with a very round head and he was full of smiles.
And the year before that I had just found out about a month earlier that I was pregnant. Tiny little James was growing quickly in my tummy.
Juliet was happy as can be to be in the garden (it's already her second trip and she isn't even two months!) and I'm loving catching these early smiles with the camera. Happens more and more often.
I get giddy taking photos of cherry blossoms with my 50mm lens.

This year we wore coats for about half the time but the sun was so brilliant, we all agreed it was a perfect day, weather wise.
Love that James still wants to hold my hand and act goofy. He wanted to run up the hill and E was behind us to catch the moment.
Yellow perfection.
I simply adore this photo. I'm looking at James, as I hope I always do, with a huge smile, and Juliet just looks so dang cute.
My two children. I adore these two more than I ever thought possible. They are my world.

Ahh Salt Lake City. You have my heart.
Little girl enjoying a little nature. ;)
A little boy enjoying his favorite form of nature these days, "big rocks".

Most of the amazing photos in this post are from E. He's amazing like that.

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  1. I love this post! Your photos are beautiful, as always, but I can almost feel Spring through the computer! I love how you take the pictures in the same place every year, so fun!


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