Friday, April 20, 2012

My girl. My Grandma. My boy. Life is sweet.

Life seems extra sweet these days. Its hard to not feel like that when I've got this happy face to look at each day. My goodness, her smiles are additive. Everyone in the family will act super silly (even James) just to get her grinning. And the payoff is awesome.

Each week, usually on Friday mornings, James and I go visit Nana (a name James came up with). Now that Juliet is here, I pack up both kiddos and we head over to Nana's for a visit. James loves it, Juliet seems to like it, and it is the highlight of Nana's week. I feel sometimes that I don't take enough photos of my children with their Great Grandma. I want to try to be better, because this little clan sure does love each other.
The BEST part about visiting Nana? The construction site next door. James is in love.
It really is hard to feel anything but joy when looking at this face. All these huge smiles, by the way? They are for her Daddy, who she simple adores.
Speaking of two family members adoring each other, I can not get over how much this bond is starting to blossom. James simply can't get enough of his baby sister, and asks for her to join us on all of our activities. And if he doesn't get to hug her before bedtime, we hear about it. Oftentimes he'll request to hug her more than once. She is very loved. In this photo he is saying "hello Juliet" in his sweet little high pitched voice that he uses when he loves someone.
Dang life is sweet.

And did I mention that these two are twins? I mean look at them! Everyone comments on how Juliet is just a girl version of James. I couldn't agree more. Twinsies.
A few more smiles. Happy Friday.


  1. Connie3:27 PM

    I wish there was a better word for how much these two are so loved!I am so happy your grandma gets to be a regular part of their lives. It is so important and they will treasure the memories!

  2. Adorable pictures!!!


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