Thursday, April 12, 2012

Our life in Insatagram photos {and Juliet's video debut!}

More and more my day to day life photos are taken with my phone. I always have it in my pocket and I just love the community on Instagram, so when I take a photo I especially like, I can upload it right then and there, wherever I am.

It is super addicting, and so much fun.

So here is a little peek into our day to day life.

1. More smiles from this little girl! 2. Bug hunting is serious business (this photo cracks me up every time I look at it, I mean look at that serious little stare!) 3. The umbrella was a HUGE hit. It rained yesterday and he was loving it. Most the time the umbrella was upside down on the ground and he was looking skyward with a big grin as the rain fell.

4. Juliet's favorite way to sleep, on her side (green vintage outfit was mine when I was a babe). 5. Smoothie face. 6. More sleeping on Mama's bed.

7. Baby lashes (they are longer now!) 8. When Juliet is fussy James will often pat her chest trying to calm her. Gah I love that kiddo. 9. Homemade sidewalk chalk paint. Super easy. One cup water, 1 cup cornstarch, food coloring. We had a blast.

10. Walk in the park on my birthday, oh my the weather was divine. 11. Kiddo in need of a haircut. It's crazy! 12. Post haircut trip to Grandma's house for the sandbox.

13. The magnolia tree in the park is in bloom, always a sign of spring. 14. Egg hunting at a friend's Easter party. He's a master. 15. Nap time. My favorite time. :)

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And here is Juliet's video debut on the blog (the birthday video didn't count because she was asleep). I caught some coos and some smiles. And boy oh boy does this girl look like her brother.

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