Monday, April 09, 2012

Easter makes me happy

Easter day was perfection. I sound like a broken record over here saying "perfect" way to much on this blog, but truly, life is sweet.

We woke up to a happy toddler that was thrilled to run into the living room and check for Easter Bunny evidence. He was a little awe struck with what he found.
The loot. And a lot of it. James got a dinosaur umbrella, stickers, sidewalk chalk, bubble and the grand gift of all is a water table for the backyard!
The umbrella was a huge hit. He can't wait for rain and kept asking us when it would rain next.
This little bunny also seemed pretty happy with her basket. She got a teether, a bunny bib, a blue duckling, and her first ever lovey. (Which was special because James got his first lovey from the Easter Bunny on his first Easter. He still LOVES lovey, has him in his hand in the photo above.)
Soon the living room egg hunt began and James was beside himself with joy. I just love this photo from Juliet's big eyes to James eating the treats from the egg with his very green hand (the night before we dyed body parts eggs).
James simple adores his baby sister and was so excited to introduce her to the joy that is lovey. We put Juliet in her bouncer seat and James kept her happy by bouncing her and giving her lovey to snuggle. Notice this little girl adores her big brother as well.
We got dressed and headed to E's family's house for brunch and the egg hunt.
I was hell-bent on getting a family photo or two. No worries that E's eyes are closed and Juliet looks like she's farting. ;) Oh, and I'm the only one actually looking at the camera.
The egg hunt began and it was as spectacular as it is every year. E's dad spends a ton of time doing an egg hunt for his now adult children and each year the clues get more and more tricky. We all love it.
After a relaxing afternoon where E smoked a brie wheel and James checked out his water table, we headed to my aunts for dinner. Is there anything prettier than her light-filled dining room?
Chuck, E and Juliet and Chandler enjoy cocktail hour. I believe it is every one's favorite hour.
My sister is seriously beautiful. I love this shot of she and Juliet almost as much as this one of she and James.
Everyone enjoying the party. Such fun.
I struck gold with this photo. Seriously, my favorite photo to date. LOVE.
My amazing family. We really missed Kendra and Taylor. Sob...
Nana simply adores Juliet. Who can blame her?
At the end of the night, before we headed home, Laura hosted one last fantastic egg hunt. James was in heaven and got tons of goodies. Happy Easter!
And one last photo, taken this morning. The air was warm and sunny and James ran outside to play with the water table. Ahhh, life is amazing.

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  1. Lovies!! We have at least 15 of them! Caroline still sleeps with her cat one. Max sleeps with two blue bunny ones, the exact ones James has. He calls them his "softest loves", since the older lovies loose a bit of their fleecy goodness after a million washings. Caroline's old pink bunny ones, just like Juliet's, are now faded to almost a gray! You will find that you will keep their lovies, even when they are grown. Despite washing, the fleece holds their precious baby smell.


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