Saturday, April 14, 2012

James at nearly 29 months

James has grown and changed so much over the last few months that it was high time I wrote another update on my little man. Next month he'll be 2.5 which is quite exciting! His language alone is growing leaps and bounds each day!
  • Sometimes I call him "good boy" and somehow he just heard the word boy. So when he's talking about himself he says "boy" a lot. Like he'll say "yummy lunch boy!" or "favorite tree boy!" Each time it totally cracks me up.
  • He loves painting in the bath with some body paints that his Grandma bought him. He looks at all the colors carefully and each night says "blue James's favorite."
  • He decided some time ago that he loves wolves (good thing too, with Wolfy!). He loves to watch wolf howling videos on YouTube and if you ask him his favorite animal he'll say "wolf!" and then he'll howl.
  • We've been teaching him to say please for quite some time and he's really got the hang of it. Anything you'll ask him he'll respond "yes please" or "no please" or my favorite "right now please!"
  • Almost every day he asks to go to Murray Park to throw rocks in the river. He says "Murray Park a-gain!" (like "again" is two words).
  • He has been loving looking at bugs and always says they are swimming. Not sure why he thinks that, but adorable nonetheless. He also always says "cute bug!"
  • Whenever it's the weekend or the evening he'll look around and E, Juliet and me and say "whole family here." Melts me.
  • Lately he tells me "missing daddy" throughout the work week.
  • He'll say "come her kitty" in the sweetest most perfect little voice and pat his chest. The kitties in the neighborhood love him.
  • One day during lunch I was encouraging James to continue eating. He said "no Mama talk to James." It totally cracked me up, I still laugh about it.
  • He is very specific about his kisses. "Kiss right here!" (usually pointing to his cheek).
  • While driving he said "oh shoot! Mama says". Hahaha!
  • When watching tv he'll ask "that name is?" until he knows all the characters
  • Tells me "Pool! Right now! Best activity!" (When he says right now it is adorable because he says it with a lot of emphasis, as if he is bossing me around.)
  • Says "Juliet loves Dames" at least twice a day.
Trying to type all the things he says is a lot. He speaks in 3-5 word sentences now and I can almost always figure out what he's saying. This age is so fun, he has such a fun loving personality, and he really is a goof.

Now some boring stats:
He wears 2T clothing but all his summer clothing is 3T and he fits into it surprisingly well. His shoe size is 6 and he weights approximately 32 lbs. He's a fast runner, getting better at climbing, and still loves to do "crazy dance" every night before bed.

He naps for about 2 hours, starting at 12:30, and goes to bed for the night at seven, sleeping until around 7:30 am. He is getting the last of his two year molars right now (ouch!), has beautiful thick hair, and blue/green eyes.

He is amazing.

And, because I can't possibly post without a few photos, here are a couple from two weeks ago when we had some friends over for some egg dying. All the kiddos were thrilled and every finger was purple by the end of the afternoon.

Gotta love springtime.

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  1. Connie1:56 PM

    How I love and adore this precious boy!


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