Tuesday, September 25, 2012

My life {in Instagram}

As I've mentioned a couple of times, my day to day life is more often captured with my cell phone than my big camera. I always have it on hand, and it is so dang easy and accessible, that I reach for it throughout the day.

And then I upload to Instagram. That's my favorite part. Sharing a bit of my life there and seeing peeks into other's lives around the world.

So, here's my week in Instagram.

1. In-N-Out dinner. Juliet LOVED the fries. She takes after her Mama (and that face makes me laugh so much!) 2. Talking a walk. James insisted that he bring his stroller. "I'm a Daddy!" he told us.

3. Vintage car show at Thanksgiving Point. 4. The gardens at dusk.

5. Life is grand. 6. James was in need of a haircut. He choose the pink car and a purple balloon. Sweet boy.

7. Found this old game board in an abandoned house YEARS ago. Totally forgot about it until I stumbled upon it today. It goes perfectly with James's travel themed room. 8. Miss Pink is pretty happy with herself.

9. Throwing rocks in the river is a constant in our lives. Today at Murray Park with a friend. 10. And more rocks a week ago at Wheeler Farm.

11. "James, show me how to be big like the mountains." 12. More rock throwing. This is the face he gives me when his Dada finds a HUGE rock! (Seriously, I was surprised E could lift it!)

13. "Hey! Twenty minutes does not count as a nap!" She finds this statement hilarious, she is laughing so much. 14. The boys working on mowing the lawn.

15. We take a lot of walks. I decided to have a treasure hunt one day to mix it up a little. James loved looking for all the things on the list. 16. Learning new things is hard. This ended in frustrated tears.

17. "Ba ba ba!" Juliet practicing her new sound. 18. Still warm enough for this (mostly!). We were taking a walk and saw the sprinkler on at the neighbor's house, hence the reason he's still dressed. After twenty minutes he came home quite cold.

19. Searching for the best rocks to throw. 20. Waiting for Daddy to come home after a long day at work.

21. It's safe to say she really likes the kitties. 22. First day in a jacket (today!). Looking for rocks and eating dirt is way more enjoyable than smiling for the photo.

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