Monday, June 30, 2014

An update on the bunny

Lots has been changing around here. James is impressing me every single day with his memory, skills, loyalty and learning to read (!!) but today I want to write an update on Juliet.

Lots has changed in this little girl's life since I last updated when she turned two. Soon after her second birthday we took down the crib rail on her crib and gave her a big girls bed. And soon after that we got rid of the crib all together, and the glider chair too (sob!) and transitioned her to a mattress on the the floor. She has done amazingly. Never getting up at night and staying in bed in the morning until I come and get her. Recently naps have been iffy but right after we transitioned her, which was about two months ago, her naps lengthened a touch and she started to wake up happy instead of scared.

Also, she's potty trained! She has been pooping in the potty for ages (before she was two) but wasn't staying dry otherwise. Finally about a month ago I just bit the bullet and started putting her in underpants. Sure, there were quite a few accidents but within a few days she had it. Now she will have an accident from time to time, but it is becoming more and more rare. And, although she is still in diapers for naps and bed, she is waking up dry more often than not.

Because of all these big girl accomplishments I decided that she may be ready to be done with the binky too. I understand, the older they get, the harder it sometimes is to wean from the pacifier. James didn't have a problem with it (but he was three), so I was hopeful for my girl.

I cut the tip off of her binky and when she discovered it we told her it was broken and threw it away just like we did for James. Then the crying started. We were strong. She finally fell asleep without it on night one but woke up multiple times throughout the night. Day two was horrible (no nap and even worse nighttime sleep). By day three I was exhausted, she was exhausted and I caved. I gave it back to her. I suppose we'll try again when she's three. Oh my does she love it so.

This girl of ours makes us laugh so much daily. She dances and sings made up songs all day long ("sometimes happy! sometimes not happy!") and has the silliest moves known to man. I adore her and all she has to say. The other day I gave her a little Corolle doll catalogue and she sat there in complete awe turning each page slowly whispering "wooooow" with each new turn. I was darling to say the least.

Oh snuggle bunny, how I love her. I love that when I lie next to her at night and sing her two favorite songs ("Sunshine" and "Happy Birthday") she always asks to "nuggle whole time" afterwards. I think she'd be happy if I snuggled her till morning. And that is one of the million things I adore about her.

And these crazy moves I'm talking about? Yea, no idea where she came up with these.

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