Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Stay-cation day one! {Park City}

Sorry for such a long silence. Early summer may be my favorite time of year (well that and autumn!). We have been enjoying every moment to the fullest. I lie on the blanket in the backyard late into the evening after the kiddos are in bed instead of blogging. I hike, BBQ in the mountains, and explore every single moment of the weekend. Two weekends ago we hiked twice, explored, ate in the mountains and were so tired by the end of the weekend I didn't even get around to blogging a single photo. I shall though, there were a few gems.

This weekend we went to Park City to enjoy the amazing Mountain Side resort thanks to my Dad's timeshare. We made it a true stay cation with lots of exploring, missed naps and eating out every chance we got. Vacations are kinda the best.

Saturday we didn't check in until four pm, so naps at home and a slow morning meant we were more than ready to play in the amazing pools. There is a large pool, two "kid hot tubs" that are nice and warm like a bathtub, and about six hot tubs all connected by interlacing waterfalls.

My waterfall obsessed boy remembered each and every tiny detail even though we haven't stayed here in two years. (Link here, TOTALLY worth the click just to see Juliet! OMG!)

We spent our first dinner poolside enjoying the patio and the complementary BBQs. My mom and her husband Charles (also know as Grandpa Chuck) stayed in an adjoining room, so there was lots of doting grandparent action going on as well.

This Marriott hotel is super nice. Want some fruit infused water and check in? Sure!
So ready to go. So so ready.

Bright eyes and freckled face. 

Grandparents brought squirt guns for James and there were lots of battles and lots of smiles all weekend.

Best picture from the entire trip. I can not stop laughing.
Seriously, I'm dying here. 

Mr. Blue eyes.
My little fishy.
Day two, three and four were also spectacular. Don't worry, we didn't only play by the pool, however we did do that a lot.

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