Monday, June 16, 2014

Last Day of Park City

We didn't have big plans for our last day in Park City, but because my Dad had the condo the entire week, we didn't need to check out early, so we used the entire last day on vacation mode. And then when it was all over, we were only thirty minutes from home! Perfect!

That morning we wanted to enjoy the pool one last time and decided to invite over E's sister and brother-in-law and the kid's cousin Emilia. They live near Park City, so it made sense to have a visit with them while up there.

James was so excited to show Emilia all the waterfalls. He does everything in his power to take very good care of his little cousin. It's pretty much the sweetest ever. 

Juliet and I wore our matching suits a lot while up there and got so many sweet comments on how cute we looked. I agree she was the cutest girl there.
James was intent on showing Emilia what a cool waterfall this was. She grinned at him from ear to ear.
After we were all totally waterlogged we went up to our room and made lunch with Chelsea, Joe and Emilia. It was such a lovely way to spend lunch on a Tuesday. Soon after we decided we'd had enough of the pool and needed something else. Juliet was begging to go on the chair lift again. Begging. So we decided to go on the Alpine Slide again.
This time, with experience under our belt, we all went faster. James and E were teamed up again and Juliet absolutely adored every second. I swear she could have done it a dozen more times and been totally happy.
Instead of trying to nap either of them again we got the brilliant idea to take a little drive in the mountains. Right past Park City is my cabin, so after we'd loaded into the car I said "let's just go to the cabin and play in the meadow!"

If you've been reading this blog for any amount of time you know that I absolutely love "our" meadow at the cabin. LOVE. It may be up there in my top three favorite places in the entire wold (Balzano Italy and Kyoto Japan are my other two favorites).
With my lack of frog catching success the day before, I knew I needed to step up my game and catch a frog for the kids in the meadow (I've been known to catch dozens!). As soon as we got there I didn't catch one, but two sweet frogs! I wanted a photo with Juliet holding them, because James said "no way" but this was the best I got. E placed the frogs in her hands and the hopped away, back into the marshy meadow and were gone in a flash. Oh well, next time.
I was intent on catching another one but never seemed to find them. It was so funny, there I was in the water, and the mud having a great time and neither kid wanted to join me. Who are these people?!

James was excited to go off exploring with Daddy.
Juliet often sticks with me on the weekends. James is so insistent on being on a "daddy date" that I get this little love. I don't mind. She's a great little buddy and much more willing to pose for photos than her brother.
This kid and his big sticks. He's loved big sticks since he was 18 months old. Now he begs to bring them home, and we always say yes. Needless to say, we have quite a stick collection in our backyard.
Finally got her in!

Soon we had two kids having total and complete meltdowns. James was begging for a nap. "I don't want to play, I want a nap in the dark!" he cried. So we packed up the over tired kids and headed back to the hotel for some tv time while E and I packed up our belongings.
Luckily some tv down time did the trick and the kids were up for one last vacation meal on the way home. Both E and I love Squatters and everyone (even the kids) happily ate a big meal before heading home for bed. And these fish tacos?! Can we discuss the perfectness of this meal?!
She fell asleep two minutes into the car ride home, and although woke up when we tried to get her out, fell back asleep, in her clothes only minutes later in her bed. What a perfect ending to a perfect mini vacation.

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