Thursday, June 12, 2014

Staycation Day 2 - 60th birthday celebration!

Nighttime of vacations is sometimes the hardest time. I am happy to report that the kids did awesome snuggling in the same fold out bed most of the night (James didn't fall asleep next to her because "she kept wiggling!").

We woke up bright and early and headed back down to the pool for some early morning swim time. We had the entire pool to ourselves because apparently people don't like to swim at seven am when the air temperature is in the low fifties. Lucky for us the hot tubs kept us nice and warm.

When ten am rolled around we met my mom and Chuck for brunch on Park City's Main Street. We had big reason to celebrate, Chuck was turning 60! My mom graced him with a new iPad Air. Brunch was at our favorite place on Main called The Eating Establishment. It was amazing.
After we ordered Grandma kept James busy drawing things and having him guess. He loved it.
After brunch we wandered around Historic Main Street. I love Park City's historic main. Dolly's Books is always a favorite stop.
We were sad to see the Park City Museum gift shop closed on Sunday morning but were thrilled to see our favorite blue door available for photos.
I took my favorite photos of Juliet in front of this amazing cobalt door.
The weathered historic stoop, the old brick, the bright blue door, the sweet girl in her Mexican embroidered dress. Nothing sweeter.
I love that the backdrop of Main Street is just the mountain. A few houses yes, but wilderness and open space only minutes away.
We got back to the hotel and attempted to nap the kiddos. James is fine to miss naps, but Juliet was really feeling the late night before and super early wake up. After two hilarious hours where E and James napped perfectly and Juliet and I fought and fought about naps (where she instead sang "Jingle Bells" in repeat and kissed my face whenever I tried to fake sleep) I finally called it quits.

James groggily woke while Juliet and I watched this cute guy right from our hotel window. We later saw three marmots! A mother and babes, we guessed.
So instead of napping we hit the slopes. We were happy to discover that both James and Juliet were tall enough for lap rides on the Alpine Slide.
Both the kids loved the chair lift as much as the fast ride down. Juliet said for the rest of the trip "Me love chairlifts, want to do it RIGHT NOW!"
Boys, ready to go!
Girls are stoked too!
The Alpine Slide is just that, a concrete slide that weaves its way around the mountain. Turns, dips and drops make it super fun and fast. All sleds have breaks too, so one can go as slow as they wish.
Juliet kept saying "more fast!" so faster we went. This is at the end, hence James in the photo.
Promptly the kids spotted a rickety old carnival ride that last two minutes and cost $6, but I hate to say "no" on vacation, so onto it they went!
Later we joined my sibs in the pool again while my mom and Charles cooked beautiful birthday steaks for all of us. At this point Juliet was DONE and had a quick nap with E before dinner and a huge meltdown during dinner, and an early bedtime. Luckily for me, E handled her the entire night so I could spend time with my family. He's kinda the best like that.

And this man? He was totally happy to have all the auntie and uncle attention on him and stuck by my side all night. Late bedtime, waterfalls, squirt guns, and lots of attention, yea, he was happy.

Thank goodness for my iPhone waterproof pouch. ;)
Oh Marriott Mountainside, I adore you. And see the four Alpine Slides right beyond the pool on the mountain?

Less wise to wisest. Or youngest to oldest. Chandler, Melissa, Brandon and me. Happy 60th Chuck!

Juliet's outfit details -
Mexican embroidery dress - a gift from her Grandma after my mom's visit to Mexico.
Saltwater sandals - a gift from her other Damma for her birthday. Love these Grandma's of ours!

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