Saturday, June 21, 2014

Father's Day picnic 2014

When contemplating what to do this year to spoil E for Father's Day I was coming up at a loss. Only a week ago we were having brunch and spending the entire day in the pool and eating out every night. I was a little vacationed out, actually.

I thought and thought, and finally decided to do one of our all time favorite things, picnic at Red Butte Garden. Many years we take a special picnic for Mother's Day, but this year Mother's Day weekend felt like winter. (Remember the snow?!). So for Mother's Day we stayed indoors.
But Father's Day we were graced with PERFECT weather. Actually a cold front was moving in, so the skies were crystal clear blue and there was the slightest cool breeze. And sun. Lots of sunshine, but not in the slightest bit hot. Perfection.

This girl? She's a ham. I never direct her for these photos, she loves the camera and turns on her silliest antics when she sees it directed her way.
These two love bugs. James takes his big brother job very seriously. He gets in trouble a lot (a lot!) at home for trying to boss Juliet around and manage her every move. And when we are out he makes sure nobody wrongs her. We went to a jump house this week and after a bigger girl stepped on her hand James took it upon himself to chase her, threaten her and scream at her ("DON'T HURT MY SISTER!"). Frustrating and endearing at once.
These two have the best forced smiles. :)
My beauty in the garden. Vintage dress was mine when I was a baby. She wore it a year ago (in this post) and wore it at the Garden as a tunic with shorts underneath.
We popped them on the moose statue and they both thought it was the funniest thing they've ever done. Real laughing photos are like a photographer's dream. LOVE!
Father's Day portrait with his girl.

I didn't get many proper photos of dinner because the light was kinda wonky. We sat in the sun enjoying the warmth and ate soft cheeses, baguette, raspberries, hard salami, olives, crackers, and tiramisu. It was pretty much the best.
Each and every month I claim whatever is in bloom as my favorite. March it's daffodils, April it's tulips, May it's peonies and June is all about the roses.
I love roses.
Father's Day portrait with his boy.
What a perfectly lovely night. The rest of Father's Day weekend was spent throwing rocks into the remaining deep puddles at Temple Quarry Tail, making homemade omelets, and having a wonderful picnic with E's family at Wheeler Farm. This weekend we celebrate my dad with steak and s'mores. Best ever.

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  1. I love the photos on the moose, fantastic!!! It looks like you are enjoying the summer season! Have a great week!


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