Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Chilly Mother's Day weekend

After weeks and weeks of lovely spring weather we got a little blast of winter again over the Mother's Day weekend. We dressed in sweaters and layers, and didn't visit a single garden or take a single photo of a flower (might be a new record actually) but instead enjoyed the snowy mountains and lots of lots of delicious meals.

Saturday started off with brunch with E's family. Luckily these weirdos were on their best behavior.
James chose to sit with both of his grandparents at breakfast, which was wonderful because they had to entertain him while we waited. Ha! Not an easy task.
Sunday E surprised me with a trip up Little Cottonwood Canyon for brunch at Snowbird. The drive was stunninly beautiful. All the rain meant the mountains were rich with new green growth and a beautiful dusting of snow.
The higher we went the green lessened and the snow increased.
Snowbird was absolutely a winter wonderland. No sign of spring anywhere, but oh so beautiful. The kids were mesmerized by the swirling snow.
The brunch at the Aerie Restaurant at Snowbird was absolutely divine! So much so that E and I kept saying "we'll have to make this the new tradition." It was so so good.
Amazingly both kids were (again!) on their best behavior. There were tons of kids choices and Juliet and James happily played and ate for the hour and a half we were seated.
Brunch with a view.
If there was one thing better than the all you can eat sushi it was the dessert buffet. It was an entire room with every imaginable dessert plus a chocolate fountain, chocolate dipped strawberries, French macaroons, and a candy bar for the kids. My last plate was only a few more bites of sushi (I couldn't help myself) and some amazing choices from the dessert bar.
This boy sat near the window and down below (ten stories down) was a raging winter river. He sat entranced at the window watching for dozens of minutes at a time. He loves rives.
Afterwards we explored the hotel a bit and took a few photos.
Goodness I adore these two. They are the best gift I could ever EVER hope for. Being their mother is pretty damn amaze.
Then that evening we went over to my mom's for a family party with my family. Uncle Brandon has been traveling for two months and the kids were thrilled to see him. They both stuck to him like glue the entire night. Thank you Brandon, for not only the photo, but giving me the night off.
The group! Everyone was happy to take a family photo (other than James) and we were all pretending it was somewhat warm outside, since none of us were in coats. In fact it was freezing and started to snow only a few minutes later.
Happy Mother's Day! Now bring back the sun.


  1. What a fun adventure!! Beautiful photos!!! I'm ready for summer! ;)

  2. Looks like the perfect way to spend a Mother's Day weekend! The final photo of your family at the end is great! I of course must also mention sweet Juliet's dresses! Divine! Especially the dress worn to Snowbird! Was it another ebay find?

  3. Jennifer, Juliet's dress she wore to Snowbird is one of our favorites. She also wore it for her second birthday party. I got it on Zulily a long long time ago and I just love it. We get lots of nice comments on it whenever she wears it. xoxo my friend.


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