Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Tea for you, and diggers in the sand

Today while James happily played with all his construction vehicles in the itty bitty sand box, I set up a little tea party for Juliet and her babies.

I did this knowing she would adore it. She serves the babies tea every day inside, and her little tin teapot is never far from her side. Even as I rounded up her dolls to take them out, I smiled when I found the last bite of her breakfast expertly balanced on one of her doll's faces, as if they were just about to eat it.

A little blanket, a tea pot of water and a couple of friends made a perfect morning tea party in the sun. And Juliet's Great Grandma's peonies blooming over her head made for such a dreamy background.

Soaking in all this "girl" play after having years with just boy play is pretty amazing. She loves her baby dolls and I think that love is just going to grow.

Her favorite doll at the moment is Nicholas (her name choice which I find darling). Nicholas apparently can't be clothed, she is adamant that she wants him naked. So naked tea party it is.
James, a boy with very focused interests, still adores diggers.
The area behind the garage is... interesting. Lots and lots of weeds despite my efforts. It drives E nutty but I'm trying to embrace it. His little digging spot looks a little but like an enchanted forest, right?

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