Sunday, May 04, 2014

Tulips round two

Just as when December is coming to a close, and I am sick to death of hearing myself talk about Christmas, spring on my blog is much the same. I've been waiting all winter for the one thing that makes me happier than all else: spring.
And after the Daffodil festival, the Tulip festival, the spring header photos, and the blooming tree photos, there is hardly need (or want) for more kiddos in the garden photos.
After going to the Tulip Festival last week and being disappointed in the weather, we decided to buy a pass and visit again.
This time we went in the morning and had entirely different light to play with.

I was pleasantly surprised that many tulips were still fresh and new, and not past their peak.
This time I didn't ask the kids for a single photo. Really! The one above of them smiling together was because they were playing a game where Juliet tugged on James's arm down the path. A few that I got of one or the other smiling was because they wanted the photo. Juliet, however, still found a reason to be mad (she's two after all).

This little grove was tucked away from the main thoroughfare. Juliet and I were the only ones there, and just like last week, this spot provided some of my favorite shots.

She loves flowers and reached down to smell many colors.

Oh wait, I did ask her to smile for this photo. Only one, I swear.

"Take my picture next to this beautiful moving water."
He tilts his head to the side when he smiles for the camera. It is the cutest thing ever. I hope he never grows out of it.

Really, how many tulip photos can I really share? Sorry.
The garden was busy. Last Saturday of the festival and beautiful sun. I, however, was able to catch a few spots with a break in the crowds. Love the secret garden most of all.
See ya next year tulips!

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