Thursday, May 29, 2014


Every single year since James was a wee babe we visit the neighborhood goats in May. We actually adore visiting the neighborhood goats all year long, but May is special because each year there are babies!

The owner is an amazing man that has been raising African Pygmy goats for years. The mothers are gentle and the babies are adorable. You can scoop them up like a cat and snuggle them for as long as you can hold on, because soon they'll bound away to chase all the other adorable babies.

There isn't much to say other than they are cute. So here are a lot of photos, to emphasize the point.
Before going in to visit the babies, we feed the mamas some old bread. They love it.

The babies! James's genuine excited smile here just melts me.
Hold on tight!

She loves animals and I swear she is a baby goat whisperer. They flocked to her.
See what I mean?

Raising these two is a dream. There are hard days. Hard weeks and hard months. But being their Mama, well I adore it.

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  1. Stacey5:19 PM

    This is awesome! Cute photos.


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