Sunday, June 01, 2014

Summer is here! {new header!}

A couple of weekends ago we went to Red Butte Garden as a family and I unintentionally dressed both the kids in blue and yellow. Total happy mistake. And then I looked down at my own shirt and realized it was blue! And then E got dressed, and yea... we are all in blue. So funny.
Anyway, since the day was especially beautiful and green I decided to take a few photos in hopes of getting some that I liked for the summer header.
 The kids totally delivered.

Singing in the garden. When we went back with Emilia the next week she sat in the same place and sang an entirely different song!
"never know DEAR, love you! Don't TAKE sunshine away!"
 My three.
 Peonies the size of your head.
 Welcome summer!

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  1. Your lovely family is so sweet! Say hi to everyone for us and enjoy the weekend!!!


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